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News Flash: Friends And Parks And Rec Are In The Same Universe

We were never supposed to find out this mind blowing fact but someone slipped up and blew the secret. Thanks Jerry!

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Friends and Parks and Recreation are two of the best comedies of all time. Both shows were well written and successfully set up well defined characters and the worlds they live in. However, one slip up from everyone's favorite office oaf shows that one character lives in both worlds meaning that these worlds must be one.


Meet Jerry Gergich, the Parks and Rec klutz who consistently messes plans up, drops, and loses things. In one episode entitled Lucky Jerry spends all night packing hundreds of envelops with the wrong flyers and must restart. This is only one example of Jerry's fumbling in paperwork which he is often content with restarting and proud of when he is finished even when the results are incorrect.

Jerry (whose real name is Garry btw) has been with the Pawnee Parks and Recreation department since 1977. However, due to all the mistakes he makes it wouldn't be too strange of a thought to assume he was fired at some point. Jerry has a way to see positive in all bad things and may have seen this as his chance to move to a big city and try something new, maybe New York.

He very well could have found himself doing some filing for a large New York based adoption firm where he helped match people looking to adopt a child with pregnant individuals about to have children but were planning to put them up for adoption.


The couple receive a call that their file has been chosen by a birth mother and they are called in to meet her. Once there they find out that the birth mother Erica (played by Anna Faris who is Parks and Rec star Chris Pratt's wife) informs them that she picked them because they were a reverend and doctor respectively, which they are not.


Now Garry, i mean random adoption agency worker, states that he is very proud of the filing system he uses. But guess what! His filing system is all messed up. Of course this is a sitcom so everything works out but I would guess this mishap would lead to some one getting fired.


Once he lost his job Jerry would move back to his hometown of Pawnee Indiana where he would be able to get his old job back due to the new department director hating government and jumping at the chance of getting someone to mess up filing and slowing down the government from the inside. Enter Ron Swanson.

There is one hole in this theory. Paul Rudd plays characters is each show. But, what if they are two separate character who look so much a like due to the fact that they are related?

Both come from wealthy families but this family could be one. Mike's mother Bitsy may have the last name Hannigan now; but her maiden name very well could have been Newport and she could have moved to New York after meeting her husband, thus Mike and Bobby are cousins and two separate characters while looking identical.

There you have it. Friends and Parks and Recreation take place in the same universe connected by the one and only Jerry Gergich. But what does this mean for other comedies? How far does this universe extend? Are all NBC comedies in the same universe? Does this universe include The Office? Community? Scrubs? And we must ask the question:

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