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    20 Smart Wears That You Will Actually Want To Wear

    A better way of integrating connected tech into our daily live.

    1. PolarSeal Heated Tops:

    polarseal / Via

    A PolarSeal Heated clothing that keeps you warm in winter when you want to do aerobic activies in cold weather.

    2. ORII the Smart Ring:

    orii / Via

    A magic Smart Ring that gives you the ability to call, message and have a voice assistant in your finger. This smart ring make you feel living in the future.

    3. Enflux the Smart Clothing:

    enflux / Via

    This smart clothing comes with 10 tiny motion sensors located in the arms and legs that monitor your 3D movement of your entire body, and transmit date to your smartphone app.

    4. Mapo the connected Beauty Mask:

    mapo / Via

    Mapo a beauty mask that sensors your skin's temperature and measure its moisture level using a chronometer that gather relevant date via Bluetooth and give recommendation about your beauty to your smartphone application.

    5. Emglare's Smart Clothing:

    emglare / Via

    Emglare is a smart clothing that have embedded sensors that monitor the ECG and heartbeat and have the ability to directly communicate to your mobile phone application.

    6. ZEROi Smart Hat:

    lildeal / Via

    ZEROi is a smart hat with bone conduction speakers, and a new technology that lets you listen to music, make phone calls, and answer phone calls.

    7. Elemoon bracelet:

    elemoon bracelet / Via

    This bracelet connects to your smartphone to change the color that match your outfit. You can design your own patterns to complement what you are wearing.

    8. Fun LED lashes:

    led eyelashes / Via

    For those who are looking for some extra pizzazz on nights out, these are fun and innovative LED eye lashes that change the colors with head and body movement. These LEDs are connected with thin and barely visible wires.

    9. CrossHelmet the Smart Motorcycle Helmet:

    motorbikewriter / Via

    This smart motorcycle helmet is used to display navigation and travel information with images from a rear-view camera. You can manage the route information, play music or send and receive phone calls.

    10. Ravean Heated Gloves:

    ravean / Via

    Ravean is a heated gloves were made from durable leather and have the ability to provide heat with three different warmth setting - low, medium and high.

    11. DynaDog dog Wear:

    lildeal / Via

    This lighting collar dog powered with LED technology keeps your dog safe from traffic cars. When your dog is lost, this dog wear uses a smartphone application to find any information about the losing dog that include owner contact home address and phone number.

    12. Perfect Health & Posture:

    Perfect health and posture / Via

    This health fitness tracker helps us with the modern health challenges that hurt us every day such as the poor posture, damaging UV rays, bad sleep habits and the excessive sitting.

    13. Waterfi Swimcast:

    wareable / Via

    Waterfi's Swimcast streams music from your favorite apps when you are in the pool with a built-in waterproof Chromecast audio that does what a Bluetooth headphone can't do.

    14. DokiWear Art Gloves for Digital Artists:

    3dtotal / Via

    These Gloves that are made for digital artists, and are a high quality, sports compression, microfiber cleaning gloves that allow artists to work smoothly, easily and comfortably.

    15. KYON the collar pet:

    tiptopdogz / Via

    This first intelligent pet collar has an embedded GPS technology with LED display, makes communication with your pet even easier. You no longer guess what your pet is feeling.

    16. TrueBuds a Wireless Stereo Ear buds:

    Newgizmoblog / Via

    This special case is created with its very own charging pod used as its protective case. It provides up to 4 full ear-bud charges giving the headset up to 10 hours of play time.

    17. Stereocap a new Way to Wear Headphones:

    Stereocap / Via

    Stereocap is specially designed to provide incredible sound combining performance and style that will seduire all fashion lovers, riders, athletes and dancers. It lets you customize your look with interchangeable ear caps and ear pads.

    18. TrueREVO a special performance short:

    lildeal / Via

    These special shorts called (Smart Performance Shorts) are made with special stretch fabric which will enable wearing your phone tight and comfortably. They are designed to let you have a better running experience.

    19. Sun Strap - Solar Charge:

    bizjournals / Via

    This Sun Strap is a light, flexible solar panel with a rechargeable battery that attaches to the strap of a backpack or over the-shoulder bag. It has a USB charger for smartphones, cameras or tablet devices.

    20. Flyfit - Smart Ankle Tracker for Fitness:

    Digitaltrends / Via

    This smart tracker for fitness is designed to measure different leg movements associated with cycling, swimming and running. It can also track distance traveled via GPS, monitor your sleeping habit that is synchronized with your smartphone via Bluetooth.