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11 Worst Halloween "Treats" EVER!!

Receiving hordes of sugar laced goodies at Halloween is a fundamental right of every child in America, yet there are those who continue to try to subvert this beloved tradition by pushing their own wackadoo agendas during one of the most sacred times of the year. Knock it off! Just give the kid's the good stuff one day out of the year. Chocolate, caramel, nougat, and yellow dye #5 are the only legitimate currency at Halloween!

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The only thing these chalky mini discs are good for is simulating the shingles on the yearly family Gingerbread House! There's a reason the U.S. government bought an entire year's production of these things and packed 'em into soldiers' ration packs during WWI - it's because they're freakin' indestructible & have a shelf life almost as long as a Twinkie.


Tony Cuozzo / Via Flickr: toncu

Sure, I like to have one from time to time. One... as in only one. As in if I try to eat another one I'll never be able to fully taste & enjoy that lovely PeanutButter Cup I've been eyeballing all night - or basically taste anything else for the next 24 hrs.



We get it - you're a Dentist. Whoop-dee-doo! Get a good night's sleep Doc 'cause you're gonna have a long day of raking up toothbrushes from your lawn, topiary & gutters tomorrow! ps... better double check the tailpipe of your Mercedes.



What this tells us is that you pretty much phoned it in. All of the tiny bits of pocket lint, the indistinguishable sticky residue, the fact that it's suspiciously void of any quarters or even a random nickel or two - it's clear you turned out your jeans pockets and dove into the depths of the couch cushions for this one. Frankly.... we're not impressed!

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