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    • chasing8

      “For people who cant conceive, there are many other solutions like adoption.” And many gay couples in many places can and do adopt or have surrogates.  Not that it matters. If you areatruly an advocate for “traditional marriage” —anotion that really doesn’t exist in the way you think of it, by the way, given that “traditional marriage” excluded biracial couples, often couples from different classes, etc., but I’ll pretend foramoment that your version of “traditional marriage” exists — then you should also be convincing people and the courts why people who don’t want children shouldn’t be able to get married.Iwould like to see how far you get.
      Aman andawoman can get married and choose to have or not have children. Ifaman andaman or woman andawoman cannot do the same, it is hypocrisy, it is discrimination, and it is hurtful to your family members you love, no matter how you try to rationalize it otherwise.

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