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    • Chasey

      Each time they do this, they re-victimize Meredith and her family all over again.  Amanda and Sollecito are no more guilty of this murder than the Pope. But wait - we’re dealing with the paranoid and irrational Giuliano Mignini here! Nothing is impossible; maybe the Pope was involved!
      It is all starting to make sense now — how he divinely intervened to have everyone else’s DNA removed… all except for that poor SOB from the Ivory Coast who actually DID IT! Yeah, Italy is still sticking it to the black man.  Come ON.  They have the guilty party in custody; he has confessed, his DNA was found all over the crime scene - how is it acceptable for this screwball prosecutor to continue to assert that these two kids are guilty when there is absolutely no evidence?  How is Mignini permitted to rehash this case based solely on his own aberrant personal ideologies again and again?
      Is there no supervisory council to say È troppo è troppo?  How on earth do the Italian people, not to mention the press, continue to tolerate Mignini’s flagrant assertions with straight faces?  This guy is a crackpot who has spent far too much time in a position of authority. Look at his past - is is not out of character for him to hatch grotesque, kinky and outlandish theories.  And he’s drawn the rest of the dregs out with their pitchforks, too.  Leave this poor girl alone. Mamma Mia!  We should have supported, protected and spoken out for our fellow American, Amanda Knox, more than we have done.  She was held in a jail on erroneous charges in another country and very few of us defended or went to bat for her. We as Americans are supposed to “ride shotgun” for each other - especially those who are being persecuted away from home.  And for those of you who still think she’s guilty, you should go dull you mind on some more reality tv and/or Jerry Springer - because you have no ability to fathom what it feels like to be terrified and alone - far from home and without family, without the rights and privileges that we have come to take for granted because we live in America.  Just open your fridge and get yo’sef a pepsi, open another bag of Dorito’s and smoke anotha blunt… you obviously have no virtue, morals or courage and do not recognize or appreciate those who do.  Ooh aiight, end of da monf - checks is here!!

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