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Here's How People Told Us They Saved Money In College

Managing money as a college student is hard — this budgeting template from Chase can help.

We asked people to give us tips on how to save money as a college student. Here's what they said.

Get to know your community.

"This might be better suited to big-city colleges, but become a local in the college town or city you live in! Get off campus, and learn the hot deals actual residents take advantage of — like free events around the city."

—Sam C.

Make someone's trash your treasure.

"At the end of the year when everyone’s leaving the dorms, usually people will throw out perfectly good dorm room items just to have one less thing to take home, so go perusing for some free things."

—Emily C.

Demand your discounts.

"One thing I got used to was flashing my student ID at every single establishment I went to. Even if it's not outright advertised, chances are most college town businesses have a student discount of some sort. Never hurts to ask!"

—Tim U.

Make the library your home base.

"The library is your best friend. Seriously. They have everything. Before you buy a textbook or subscribe to a streaming service or pay for a magazine, check your school's library. They probably have the book/movie/magazine you're looking for, and it's free."

—Kelley D.

Wait for the syllabus.

"Don't buy your textbooks until you get your syllabus. A lot of professors assign books you never actually read. Wait until you know for sure it's required reading before dropping $$$ on pricey textbooks. And then buy them used."

—Connor D.

Get a bus schedule.

"Take public transportation! I'm a bus stan so I always did, but I was surprised at how many kids I went to school with took taxis like 10 blocks."

—Dana V.

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