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    16 Ways You Know You Go To The University Of Alabama At Birmingham

    Go Blazers!

    1. Al's is your everything.

    You've thought of having a thanksgiving dinner of Al's with your friends,

    2. Dr. Carol Garrison was your mind's combo of Anna Wintour, Beyonce, and Jesus.

    And you cried when she left.

    3. Your butt looks nicer than ever when school is in because you walk so much

    And giiirrrrl you look good!

    4. You brag to outsiders that you go to the third, or was it fourth most diverse school in the nation*

    *Even though we don't really know an updated version, we hold on to that one for dear life.

    5. People love to mention weed when asking if you're a "blazer"

    You thought it was funny, but now...

    6. But it's still kinda funny to think about Blount Hall for the Blazers

    Blazing up in "blunt" hall

    7. You just loooooooove 5 points south

    waffle house and starbucks and a dance club across from a church.

    8. Most of the food workers are in a bad mood, but you're OK with it 'cause you are too, damn.

    9. A bad mood until you get some dragon claws


    10. You're excited about the new transit system

    Coming soon!

    11. You've wondered why the talking elevator in Heritage is British

    "going up!"

    12. You've at least been inside the rec center

    Watching people work out counts, OK?

    13. You don't really know what's going on in sports

    Football? Basketball!

    14. Sirens from ambulances with injured/dying people are TOO commonplace

    It's scary how we just don't even think about it anymore.

    15. The dominance of medical research is obvious

    Hospitals, hospitals, hospitals

    16. You're proud to say you attend(ed) UAB

    and you love it!