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11 Game-Day Recipes Any Basketball Fan Will Love

You’ll be the real MVP with these slam-dunk recipes. Get all of your game-day needs this March by redeeming the cash back you get with your Chase Freedom card.

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5. Slam Dunk Creamy Bacon Dip With Onion Rings

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No viewing party is complete without at least one fun dip! Especially when served out of a tiny basketball hoop with onion rings you can use as the rim. Get the recipe here.

8. Basketball Mini-Quesadillas

Turn your watching party into a fiesta. Just try not to be a ball hog! Even friendly rivals wouldn't be able to deny how good these are. Get the recipe here.

11. Peanut Butter Basketball Cupcakes

Get your defense ready, because everyone's going to want a piece of this. These treats will have your crowd on their feet faster than a buzzer-beater! Get the recipe here.

Treat yourself to some tasty fun with your cash back from Chase Freedom. Pick up some of these ingredients to make the most of your basketball-filled March.

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