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8 Times Your Purchase Needed A Little Something More

We’ve all made some unexpected purchases! Luckily, if you make them with the Chase Freedom Unlimited℠ card, you can get 1.5% cash back on everything you choose to buy.

1. The DIY fail:

An awesome stained dresser on a DIY blog caught your eye, so you bought wood stain to attempt the feat yourself.

Ugh, it did NOT turn out the way you wanted, so you bought paint to cover it up. Inspiration: another DIY blog.

But that dresser also had cute knobs and a runner. So you broke out the wallet again.

Cue commercial for your favorite department store. Screw it, who cares about a dresser when you could just buy a bunch of new clothes?

2. The culinary experiment:

You saw an infomercial for a veggie spiralizer. Realized you needed to try "zoodles" ASAP.

G.R.O.S.S. The zoodles tasted nothing like noodles. Serious sauce action (and a food processor) required.

LOL, you realized the pesto you made was vegan pesto. AKA not cheesy, yummy pesto. You ran to the store and snagged some “authentic Italian” goodness.

While you were gone, you received a promo email from your favorite pizza place for 50% off large, plain pies. Bye, fake carbs — hello, real carbs!

3. The dye job:

Your fave celebrity showed up in a magazine with a GORGEOUS new hue. You hit the store for hair dye and did it up.

OMG. Nope. Needed another dye job, stat. Bought 10 more celebrity magazines for inspiration.

Many page flips later, you found a winner and headed straight to the hairdresser.

Post-highlight sesh, you saw a totally adorable pixie cut on the salon's TV — and you ran right back to that chair to have it totally chopped off!

4. The awesome accessories:

On your commute, you noticed your work bag was looking REAL shabby. Time for an upgrade. You hit the store after work and found a practical, totally profesh shoulder bag.

It was out of place with the rest of your casual style. You needed additional upgrades. The sales associate showed you a matching laptop case, "for protection and style!" Sold.

The next day, you realized your headphones were way too ~basic~ for this updated look. The dude next to you had a sweet pair of wireless ones, so you ordered some for yourself online.

And then, it hit you: "Am I seriously reading a PAPER book rn?!" That would have fit with your old, outdated accessories, but not these babies! Tablet time!

5. The fitness frenzy:

New spinning studio + awesome music blasting = bought a class pass to try it out.

UGH. No. Too CrAzY and loud. You got a yoga studio rec from one of your super-fit classmates and booked some sessions there.

Turned out it was a hot yoga studio. LOVED the yoga part, but not the "kinda-feel-like-I'm-gonna-faint" part. You grabbed a flyer for their non-hot partner studio and snagged some mat time there.

It's official: You found your calling. You totally needed to be able to "ohm" at home, so you bought a mat, soothing yogi tunes, and enough candles to cover every surface of your living room. Namaste!

6. The fashion faux pas:

Leather pants had taken over every fashion blog. #YOLO. You needed a pair.

They were (UGH) the tightest and (UGH) most constricting article of clothing you’d ever worn. You took them to the leather shop near your office — the one that always hands out pamphlets — to be “distressed.”

But the pamphlet-pushing leather shop was a bad choice. Pants looked like they’d been run over by a truck. Stud kit needed ASAP to restore them to former glory.

After the studs, it was mirror time. And you realized you could only wear those pants for one activity: jamming on a guitar. Hello, guitar lessons!

7. The self-improvement saga:

Felt the urge to stretch your brain muscles outside of work. Beginner’s Spanish–learning software called to you from a subway ad.

Zzz. Software made you snore. You needed an actual classroom. Found yourself in a Spanish class with a bunch of cool hipsters.

Zzz. Class also made you snore. You stopped going...and hired a private tutor with super-artsy flyers.

Then the tutor let it slip that the best way to learn a language is to watch TV shows where people are speaking it. Well, why didn’t someone tell you this earlier?! Cable package upgraded, binge-watching commenced!

8. The epic romantic gesture:

You searched “small romantic gestures” online to impress your S.O. and left work early to buy the ingredients for a fancy home-cooked meal.

But waahhh, the table looked so bare. You searched “table settings with flowers” and ran out to buy bouquets. Also vases because you had none.

But it still wasn't right. You needed rom-com status. Cue scented candles, chocolates, and a wireless speaker for mood music.

It. was. so. tacky. You dropped everything and met your S.O. at their office with tickets to their favorite concert. That you scalped off your friend for triple the cost. The things we do for love!

Sometimes life calls for more options! Turn to the Chase Freedom Unlimited℠ card to get 1.5% cash back on everything you buy.

All illustrations by Lyla Ribot © BuzzFeed

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