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10 Times Targeted Ads Got It Totally Wrong

Sometimes those ads that are supposed to know you kinda miss the mark! With the Chase Freedom Unlimited℠ card, you can earn 1.5% cash back on everything you buy, making even the least relevant ads a little more attractive.

1. When your significant other of five years just broke up with you, and you’re alerted to a brand-new discount wedding dress line.

2. When you’re a vegan, and suddenly you’re looking at a double bacon cheeseburger topped with an egg.

3. When you can barely manage to keep your apartment plant alive, and you’re hit with a two-in-one promo for organic baby food and cloth diapers.

4. When you graduated college seven years ago with straight A’s, and you get an offer to ~finally~ get that degree online.

5. When the thought of running more than 20 feet (to make it into the subway) makes you shudder, and you’re prompted to register for a local marathon.

6. When paying rent for your studio apartment is a struggle, and you’re shown a new luxury housing development near the beach — perfect for a “second home"!

7. When you’re too young to find so much as one stray gray, and an advanced hair loss shampoo pops up.

8. When the closest thing to a vehicle you own is a pair of skates, and you’re being flashed car insurance options left and right.

9. When you’re totally, completely allergic to cats and dogs, and a slideshow of furry faces to adopt pops up.

10. When you're finally in a job you love and feel fantastic about your professional life, and you get an offer to hire a career coach.

All animations by Victoria Reyes © BuzzFeed

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