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54 Thoughts Everyone Has When Distracted By Online Shopping

"Well, I wasn't planning on shopping today, but here we are." Sound familiar? We all get sidetracked sometimes, but at least with the Chase Freedom Unlimited℠ card, you can earn 1.5% cash back on everything you buy — online or in real life.

1. 🎶 Checkin' my email. Checkin' my email. 🎶

2. Hello, Gchat!

3. Oh. What's this link you just sent me, friend?

4. Yay! A new blog post.

5. This blogger just always looks so put-together!


7. How do these bloggers always manage to cross the street so stylishly?

8. And where is that jacket from?

9. YESSS. Of course she included a link. THANK YOU, BLOGGER.

10. But how much is it? That's the real question.

11. Welp, it's not free!

12. But it ain't bad either.

13. And I need one. Add it to the cart!

14. Yes, I would like to continue shopping, website. Thank you for asking.

15. All right, let's "View ALL Items."

16. Oh, this is a lot of scrolling. Let's view 30 items at a time.

17. *one hour later* What am I doing?

18. *looks at cart* You know what? I’m NOT going to buy all this.

19. I’m a responsible human being…

20. …with will power and restraint.

21. Close the tab.

22. Good. Good job.

23. All right, back to business. Lots of emails to check.

24. Annnnd there's one for discounted bath rugs.

25. That is so random.

26. But so weird because I do need a new bath rug.

27. How do they know?

28. CLICK.

29. *30 minutes later* What! Half an hour? How?

30. I'm just a simple person. I don't need much.

31. But I want a lot.

32. You know what? The bath rug can wait.

33. Goodbye, rug email. You were random but effective.

34. Not effective enough, though.

35. Goodbye tab! Closing you too!

36. *Sees the previous tab open to the blog post* I THOUGHT I CLOSED YOU ALREADY!

37. I really haven't read this blog in so long.

38. Just a little light reading never hurt anyone!

39. *45 minutes later* I love her phone case.

40. It's so cute, and I don't even care about phone cases.

41. Wait, NO.

42. Close one tab, open another.

43. That's a real metaphor for life.

44. Hey! A notification!

45. Oh, somebody posted on my wall.

46. Lol that's funny. Good video.

47. Wait, WHAT is that?

48. Here I am, just checking my wall. And there it is.

49. A targeted ad...

50. ...with the bath rug.

51. Internet, you sneak!

52. All right. It's a sign.

53. You win, ad. I really do need that rug.

54. *add to cart*

Found yourself suddenly distracted and shopping online? Luckily with the Chase Freedom Unlimited℠ card, you can earn unlimited 1.5% cash back on everything you buy.

Illustrations by Ki Kunju for BuzzFeed.

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