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We Asked Financial Advisors How To Spend Less Over The Holidays

You're definitely gonna wanna hear these. Learn more financial fitness tips from Chase here!

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3. Be wary of store cards.


Don't leap at every offer from a retailer to apply for a store card in exchange for merchandise discounts, Khalfani-Cox advises. Applying for several cards at once could have a negative impact on your credit score — potentially making it harder to obtain a mortgage or car loan later on.

5. Plan a fun activity as a gift.


“Bike trips, free movie nights, concerts, library events, or local festivals are all things a family can enjoy together without breaking the bank," suggests Kyle Taylor, founder and CEO of The Penny Hoarder.

6. Get your credit under control before the holidays.


If you use a credit card to cover holiday costs, pay off the balance in full each month if possible, Josh Palmer, CFP®, head of the wealth advisory team for Chase Wealth Management, advises.

8. Set your priorities straight.


“If an item doesn’t fit within your preset spending…avoid it,” Palmer urges. Figure out what’s important to you and deserves your money and make sure you spend wisely on those things.

10. And consider planning at least a year in advance.


"Add an increase for inflation and use that as your goal for next year," suggests Palmer. "If you put a little money aside every month, you'll be in great shape for the 2016 holiday season."