Sangria with your favorite person: You.

2. It’s Sunday and you wake up with and reintroduce yourself to a new sex partner.

“Why Hello.”

3. You check your phone.

You only have 23% because drunk you never plugs sober you’s shit in.

4. You offer to go to brunch with your sex new partner.

5. But both agree that brunch is where couples go to drown others in their happiness.

So your sex partner goes home.

6. Lying in bed, you debate bathing for nearly 2 hours.

But you’re a Cinnamon Bun. So you won’t be showering today.

8. You make yourself a Sunday grocery list.

9. The woman at Whole Foods asks “Is this all for you?”

You lie.

10. It’s Sangria With Self Sunday.

11. Prepare to reject any and all social interaction with the outside world.

12. Prepare to chop fruit.

But not like this.

13. Prepare to listen to the soundtrack of Vicky Christina Barcelona.

Scar Jo is so artsy.

14. But you’re so artsy!

15. Look at your orange wedge!

16. Look at your orange Snuggie!

17. Look at your Marathon Television choice!

“I just can’t see past the wallpaper.”

18. GO YOU!

You’re killing it today. And what comes after 9 more non stop episodes of Property Brothers is completely up to you! Get creative. And Fuck Showers.

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