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8 Tips For Winter Road Trips

Planning to take a road trip this winter? Check out these ways to successfully (and safely) make it happen and visit to find the car for the journey.

If you're road-tripping through the snow (or just really cold weather!) this winter, you'll want to do a few extra things to prepare. Here are eight ways to make your next road trip go as smoothly as possible:

1. Keep An Eye On The Weather

Car driving down snowy road lined with evergreens

2. Prepare Your Car For The Long Drive

3. Pack Plenty Of Warm Clothing

4. Create A Reasonable Driving Schedule

5. Fill Up On Gas Or Make Sure You're Charged

Person filling up gas tank

6. Grab Snow Supplies

7. Bring An Extra Phone Charger

Woman holds phone with gloved hands in snow

8. Don't Forget Those Sunglasses

Woman wearing sunglasses holds down hair that blows in snowy wind

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