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12 Times Shopping Is Actually The Most Exciting Thing Ever

Getting deals on the things you buy always feels good, and Chase Offers is making it easy with customized deals you can add to your Chase debit or credit card in the Chase Mobile App® or online!

1. When you're about to pay and the cashier hooks you up with an unexpected discount.

2. When you find something you really like and manage to get the last one in your size.

3. When you remember you have a gift card for one of your favorite shops.

4. When the package you ordered online gets to you sooner than you expected.

5. When you find an affordable version of something super expensive that you really wanted.

6. When you check your Chase Mobile app and notice that they customized a bunch of deals for you from some of your favorite brands.

7. When you realize you have enough loyalty points at your favorite shop for a discount or free item.

8. When you casually visit your favorite store and it's having a huge sale.

9. When you find the perfect outfit for a special occasion *and* it was within budget.

10. When you finally snag something you really wanted that's always out of stock.

11. When the clothes you ordered online arrive and they all miraculously fit.

12. When your Chase Offers credit hits your statement.

Don't sleep on Chase Offers! It hooks you up with deals on the brands you know and love so you can shop like a master couponer (without having to do all the work). What do you think?

Offers will vary.

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