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12 Popular Vacations Destinations And 12 Places You Should Go Instead

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1. If you love San Francisco, California, you should visit Lisbon, Portugal.

Can't get enough of San Francisco's distinctive architecture, enviable views, and historic cable cars? You need to book a trip to Lisbon! The Portuguese city is a dead ringer for the Golden City, complete with a suspension bridge that bears more than a passing resemblance to the Golden Gate Bridge.

2. If you love Paris, France, you should visit Montreal, Canada.

Montreal's French history is evident in everything from its rich café culture to its official language (French, natch). If you love wandering the streets of Paris, you'll feel right at home in Montreal.

3. If you love Boston, Massachusetts, you should visit Dublin, Ireland.

Boston is a small, walkable city with a friendly feel and charming green spaces — traits also shared by the capital of the Emerald Isle: Dublin. Just like you can check off landmarks by foot on the Boston Freedom Trail, Dublin offers a range of walking tours to experience its unique history and culture. Not to mention both cities look postcard-worthy in the fall.

4. If you love the Grand Canyon, you should visit Antelope Canyon.

A few hours north of the Grand Canyon is another Arizonian natural wonder: Antelope Canyon. The majestic slot canyon is a must-see for outdoor adventurers.

5. If you love Venice, Italy, you should visit Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Venice isn't the only old-school European city with picturesque canals; Ljubljana has similar waterways — and fewer tourists competing to tour them. Like Venice's more laid-back sibling, Ljubljana allows you to go at your own pace.

6. If you love Portland, Oregon, you should visit Asheville, North Carolina.

Love the hipster-artisan-meets-outdoorsman vibe of Portland? You can find it in the hills of Appalachia! Asheville has a lively arts and music scene, an abundance of mom-and-pop shops, and plenty of outdoor activities.

7. If you love Bavaria, Germany, you should visit Leavenworth, Washington.

Thanks to Leavenworth, you don't have to go to Germany to experience straight-from-a-fairy-tale Bavarian architecture. Nestled in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains, the self-styled Bavarian village serves up everything from authentic food and drink to old-world holiday celebrations.

8. If you love Yellowstone National Park, you should visit Stanley, Idaho.

Crossed Yellowstone National Park off your list? Head to Stanley, Idaho! Situated at the base of the Sawtooth Mountains, Stanley is home to the Sunbeam Hot Springs and countless miles of spectacular wilderness.

9. If you love Reykjavik, Iceland, you should visit Banff, Canada.

Arresting views? Check. Relaxing hot springs? Check. Northern lights? Check. Nearly everything you love about Reykjavik can be found in Banff. Sure, it's landlocked, but the views are just as awe-inspiring.

10. If you love Las Vegas, Nevada, you should visit Macau.

The small peninsula of Macau, a short ferry ride away from Hong Kong, has all the bright lights, casinos, shows, and restaurants of Las Vegas — plus some very old historic sites and ruins to totally contrast with all of that! With similar nightlife and entertainment options, Macau is like Sin City with a little more "old" to experience when you need a break from the "new."

11. If you love Berlin, Germany, you should visit Detroit, Michigan.

The only city that loves techno music more than Berlin is its birthplace, Detroit. Club music has been connecting Berlin and Detroit since the 1980s, but today they have even more in common: grand architecture, a thriving arts scenes, and unparalleled resiliency.

12. If you love Aspen, Colorado, you should visit San Carlos de Bariloche, Argentina.

If you love Aspen and are looking to expand your snowy horizons, head south to Argentina! San Carlos de Bariloche is famous for its excellent ski conditions — as well as its chocolate and Swiss alpine-style architecture.

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