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12 Popular Vacations Destinations And 12 Places You Should Go Instead

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1. If you love San Francisco, California, you should visit Lisbon, Portugal.

2. If you love Paris, France, you should visit Montreal, Canada.

3. If you love Boston, Massachusetts, you should visit Dublin, Ireland.

4. If you love the Grand Canyon, you should visit Antelope Canyon.

5. If you love Venice, Italy, you should visit Ljubljana, Slovenia.

6. If you love Portland, Oregon, you should visit Asheville, North Carolina.

7. If you love Bavaria, Germany, you should visit Leavenworth, Washington.

8. If you love Yellowstone National Park, you should visit Stanley, Idaho.

9. If you love Reykjavik, Iceland, you should visit Banff, Canada.

10. If you love Las Vegas, Nevada, you should visit Macau.

11. If you love Berlin, Germany, you should visit Detroit, Michigan.

12. If you love Aspen, Colorado, you should visit San Carlos de Bariloche, Argentina.

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