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14 Thoughts Everyone Has While Restroom Snooping

Don't lie: you've done it. Sometimes you're at a party or a friend's place and you get a little... curious. It's no biggie — Charmin understands that restrooms are made to be explored.

1. "What is that magical orangey yet beachy yet spicy aroma?"

2. "Aha! It's potpourri!"

3. "But what IS potpourri anyway?"

4. "That's an odd little doodad. What is that... coral?"

5. "Real talk: Why are bathrooms always beach themed or nautical themed?"

6. "Is this one-ply or two-ply? It's RIDICULOUSLY soft. This ply is sky high."

7. "Bazinga, now THAT is a mirror. This baby is like HD."

8. "Let's take a peek inside the ol' medicine cabinet."

9. "Oooo! Flintstones vitamins. Don't mind if I do."

10. "I scream for eye cream! Hello, youth. Maybe I'll just take a second to freshen up..."

11. "What else we got...? Meds! We got meds!"

12. "I didn't know she was on that. Or maybe... he is on that. No wait! Maybe... THEY are on that."

13. "I've seen too much! I wish I could unsee! I can't unsee!"

14. "I should go – everyone probably thinks I'm having stomach trouble."

Make sure everyone who's exploring your restroom finds a roll of Charmin!