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Only In New York Would There Be A Bear Driving A Motorized Toilet Around Town

Bear about town.

Most New Yorkers claim they have seen it all. In a city full of weirdness, it's hard to be surprised by anything anymore... That was until....

It would appear that a bear sitting on a tall toilet invaded Manhattan last Tuesday.

Oh, and also the toilet was motorized(?)!

And apparently the guy had hustle! People spotted him in Madison Square Park, Union Square, on West 4th — and even making his way across the bridge into Brooklyn!

You might recognize this creature as one of those bears who are famously enthusiastic about toilet paper in the Charmin commercials.

Like pirates of old, the toilet flew the Charmin logo and the hashtag #enjoythego on a toilet paper flag.

New Yorkers usually ignore basically everything around them, but it was hard to ignore this guy.

Instead of putting in their headphones, some walked over to have a neighborly chat.

While others preferred a more contemporary greeting.

This lady was happy for some Charmin on a wet New York day.

Usually people in this neighborhood only wave one finger out the window!

All in all, it was a great day for the bear, who reminded New York no matter how wet outside it is, never let the weather slow your roll.

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All images provided by Charmin and BuzzFeed.