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10 Iconic Goal Celebrations And How To Do Them

♫ This is how we do it. ♫ Here are the simple ways you can recreate some of soccer's most well-known victory celebrations. Because great finishes happen both on and off the field — especially with Charmin.

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1. The Classic "Shirt Removal"


Notable performance: Brandi Chastain rocked the rafters with her rip-off in 1999.

2. The Backflip


Notable performance: Brazilian player Maurides tried one after his first professional goal. Key word: tried.

3. The "Praise"


Notable performance: Lionel Messi "praised" after scoring a divine five goals in a single game.

4. The "Flex"


Notable performance: First, it was Mario Balotelli, and then it was Cristiano Ronaldo.

5. The "Ball Under Shirt"

Bernd Opitz / The Image Bank / Getty Images

Notable performance: Team Costa Rica's Joel Campbell recently paid tribute to his goal and new fatherhood by making a baby-ball.

6. The "Kiss-the-Pitch"


Notable performance: Demba Ba's kiss — it's now a command in video games.

7. The Group Hug


Notable performance: Fernando Aristeguieta was hugged by practically the entire stadium in 2013.

8. The "Hip Shake"


Notable performance: Team Colombia knows that hips don't lie.

9. The "Knee Slide"


Notable performance: Slides aren't just for players, as demonstrated by Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho.

10. The "My Arms Are My Wings"


Notable performance: Clint Dempsey scored (and took off!) within 30 seconds.

And remember, every great finish is worth celebrating!

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