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Getting Presents: Then Vs. Now

The holidays haven't changed since your childhood, but you sure have. Treat yourself or a loved one to a month without TP shopping with the Forever Roll Starter Kit.

1. Then: You'd ask for a toy you'd play with, like, one time and then immediately throw out.

Now: You ask for stuff you'll use, like, every day.

2. Then: Your list looked like this.

Now: Your list looks like this.

3. Then: You asked for a bunch of different things.

Now: You ask for a bunch of the same thing.

4. Then: You'd ask for things that'd make you happy.

Now: You ask for things that will make the home happy.

5. Then: Your parents generally understood what you were asking for.

Now: There are some things you ask for that you can't explain to them without also explaining the entire internet.

6. Then: Your list was basically a scroll of items.

Now: You kind of hope for a surprise, mostly because you don't feel like making a big list.

7. Then: You went for your own gift in the gift exchange.

Now: You go for the funniest gift at the gift exchange for a laugh.

8. Then: Getting gifts was the best part about the holidays.

Now: Giving gifts is the best part about the holidays.

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Looking for a gift sure to spread joy this holiday season? The Charmin Forever Roll Starter Kit comes with three huge Charmin Ultra Soft rolls that are designed to last one month, which is hilarious but also low-key useful for those who want to "Enjoy the Go."