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Charmin Held A "(c)Rap Battle" And These Rappers Dropped Bars About Dropping Drawers

Love using Charmin in the bathroom when it's time to drop? Well, this TP brand partnered with rappers who are dropping bars during Charmin (c)Rap Battles!

You've heard of a rap battle...

Two men with microphones in their hands rap battling

*record scratch* ...but what about a (c)Rap Battle?!

A Charmin bear wrapped in toilet paper with a microphone in their hand

That's right. Charmin challenged three pROLLific rappers to write some bars about toilet paper... Bathroom lines, if you will.

It was Lil Yachty vs. Rico Nasty vs. Lil Dicky, all battling for the porcelain throne!

And host GaTa kept the bowels moving.

GaTa sitting on a video call. Subtitles say "Welcome to the ultimate rap battle".

Here's what what went down!

First up, Lil Yachty gave the English language a swirly with bars like this:

Then Rico Nasty, true to her name, dropped this stanky verse, causing a backsplash only Charmin could clean up:

But it wasn't time to flush just yet. Lil Dicky came in with a flow that made the other two rappers glad they didn't go after him.

All images courtesy of Charmin unless otherwise noted

But who won the (c)Rap Battle? Well that's up to you! Watch the full video below and then go to Charmin's Instagram page to vote for your favorite (c)rapper. The winner will be announced 6/16! We know everyone goes to the bathroom, so Charmin is on mission to help you Enjoy the Go!