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10 Bathroom Cleaning Tips For People Who Just Can't

Bathrooms? Nope. Charmin Ultra Strong wants you to save time in the restroom so you can spend time in the real world. Seriously, life is way too short for this.

1. Look at the mess then close your eyes and see if it disappears.

2. Don't take a bathroom selfie until after you Windex the mirror.

3. Trade your dirt-collecting bath mat for a pair of dust-mop slippers, then dance your way to shiny floors.

4. Explore new ways to make #oddlysatisfying storage solutions with your counter clutter.

5. Get suited up like you're going to war – because dress for the job you have to do, not the job you want to do, right?

6. Cajole your husband into helping.

7. Conscript your children into service.

8. Or just hire a cat cleaning team — they work for sardines!

9. Use public restrooms whenever possible to minimize impact at home.

10. Lastly: If you absolutely must clean, a small glass of wine will make the whole icky process go by faster.