27 Signs You Grew Up In A Small Farm Town

You’d trade the glamour of the city for dusty backroads any day.

1. 1. Walmart was the place to go on Friday nights

Unless you wanted to go to the bowling alley or see one of the 5 movies showing at the movie theater…

2. 2. The whole town knew when you skipped church on Sunday

And don’t pretend you were sick either.

3. 3. You know the true frustration of driving behind a tractor.

Pull over already!!

4. 4. You had to be careful who you dated because almost everyone is related.

And we all know that one couple who didn’t realize until too late.

5. 5. The one high school in the county has a forever-long feud with the one high school in the next town over.

Nobody really remembers why, but they probably started it.

6. 6. Gossiping is second-nature

It spreads like wildfire.

7. 7. After school ended, everyone just stood around in the parking lot

At least until the teachers begged us to leave so they could.

8. 8. Then you would all crowd into the Tastee Freeze parking lot or the local McDonald’s.

Where else were you supposed to do all that gossiping??

9. 9. Your town had every single version of the dollar store.

Dollar General, Dollar Tree, Super Dollar, Family Dollar… and you had a favorite.

10. 10. You know “Bless his/her heart!” is not a nice sentiment.

Usually it meant you were acting like a fool.

11. 11. You’ve pulled out a dictionary to prove that ‘Y’all’ is really in there.

It’s a word!!

12. 12. A thirty minute drive is nothing to you.

That’s the closest Walmart. And its only a Walmart. If you want other stores, it’s another half hour.

13. 13. All the owners and cashiers at every store knew you.

This could get embarrassing at times.

14. 14. Your mom knew what you’d done wrong before you got home.

Maybe even before you did it.

15. 15. Instead of giving you a ticket, the cops just threatened to call your folks.

Speeding doesn’t count if it’s a backroad, right?

16. 16. You probably had a street named after your family.

Oh, no. I don’t actually LIVE on that road.

17. 17. Every household had a police scanner

Hey are you okay? We heard the cops had to stop by last night…

18. 18. You remember to renew your boating license before you remember to renew your driving license.

Fishing is a priority!

19. 19. You scramble to think of things to mention when people ask about your hometown.

We… have a double-lane McDonald’s and… we are known for our slate and logging?

20. 20. You’ve worked on the family farm since you can remember.

Don’t worry about the farmer’s tan because everyone in town is rocking it.

21. 21. Mud boggin’ was a family affair.

Everyone get in the truck!!

22. 22. So was hunting…

You still have the picture of your first kill somewhere in your childhood photo albums

23. 23. You chose your hairstylist and doctor not based on their quality but based on how long your family has known them.

They may have lost your medical history files again but you’ll joke about it with them at the church potluck this Sunday.

24. 24. You know the difference between different manure types.

That is NOT cow manure… it’s chicken manure. Can’t you tell?

25. 25. You gave directions using one of the two stoplights as a guide.

You get to the stoplight… no not that one, the other one… by Food Lion?

26. 26. Everyone in town swore they’d leave after graduation.

They never did.

27. 27. You could pop into anyone’s house unexpected and sit down to a home-cooked dinner with them

Because spats with your mom weren’t a huge deal when the whole town was like one big family.

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