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Why Sports Day Was The Worst Thing Ever

Put me down for the 0m event.

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1. So, for one day a year, everyone was forced to play sports ALL DAY.

As if P.E twice a week wasn't bad enough.

2. To make it worse, you had to play sports IN FRONT OF EVERYONE.

When I'm alone, and I'm sweaty and disgusting, it's boring. I much prefer it when my entire school can see me.

3. All other school worries suddenly became insignificant when you realised you had to run...


Did I mention that?

5. The changing rooms were always packed with the entire student population.

That's fine- my clothes don't need a hanger. I'll just leave them here on the floor.

6. As you're warming up, the reason you were picked to run the 200m becomes obvious.

Essentially, it was you or no one.

7. You run your absolute fastest but you know it's not good enough (and so does everybody else).

They are all judging you.

8. Let's not even talk about the difficultly of running with boobs.

So much boob bounce. Just what you want your teachers to see.

9. You finally cross the finish line, resolute that this is the last time you take part in Sports Day.

I'm done. Never again. No more.

10. Do you have at least three muscles? Congratulations! You've been entered for all the throwing events.

Shotput, discuss, javelin, welly throw...ALL THE EVENTS!

11. People don't understand why you hate Sports Day. "It's only a bit of fun."

They don't understand the torture of compulsory exercise.

12. Then we have 'The Runners'

Oh goody. Athletes.

13. Tolerance for 'The Runners' is very low on Sports Day.

You're one to watch for Rio 2016? I can't wait to compete against you today.

14. Not to mention, whilst they look like this in their P.E kit...

15. ...You look slightly different.

16. The other people in your event can get scary competitive.

Friendship means nothing on Sports Day.

17. Nor do your teammates take it well when you lose.

I'm sorry I can't do the long jump ok?

18. And what is the prize if you win Sports Day? Nothing.

We may as well not have tried.

19. But at the end of the day, it's one day a year. You ran and it's over.


20. We can let the sporty kids have this one.

Bye bye Sports Day. Hopefully forever.

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