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55 Things A 57 Year Old Dad Said When Watching Frozen For The First Time (in Forever)

"I bet she didn't get planning permission to build that ice castle."

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1. Don't start it yet, just let me get a beer.

2. What's audio description? Does that mean subtitles?

3. Can we have subtitles on?

4. Ooooh I'll put surround sound on.

5. Is that the Disney Castle? They've copied that off the Harry Potter one.

6. That castle looks like it was built on a floodplain.

7. Hang on. my phone's ringing.

8. Do we have to push play?

9. Has it started?

10. No it's not started yet.

11. Why does it take so long for a film to start?

12. Finally...

*Frozen starts*

13. Hey it's good animation int' it?

14. Why are they collecting all that ice? What do they want it for?


14. Why have they locked the doors? Have they shut their children away?

16. That's a bit harsh. She didn't mean to ice her sister in the head.

17. Have the parents died?!

18. How do you know?

19. Are they not just trapped under the ice and then she'll melt them later on?

20. It's quite fast moving isn't it? I better not go get an orange.

*For the first time in forever starts*

21. Is the one singing the one with magic powers?

22. No? Well where's the other one?

23. Why is she not getting crowned?

24. Does she not have ice powers?

25. Oh I get it.


26. Have you seen it before Charlotte?

27. Have you Amy?

28. You've both seen it before?! Why do you want to watch it again?

29. *Hans and Anna sing 'Love is an Open Door' * (Dad looks at watch)

30. You'd think Anna would wear a warmer jumper if she was riding off in the winter.

*Let it go starts*

31. What's the point in her walking up that mountain? She'd be much better walking through the valleys instead.


32. Charlotte stop singing.

33. She built that castle quickly!!!

34. Let it go? Is that a famous song? Do you have it on your iplayer?

35. I thought she made a snowman? You know - the one on the DVD cover?

36. It's good animation though.

37. What's the dog barking at? The reindeer?

38. Pause it will you? I'm going to get a beer and an orange.

39. Does anybody want an orange?

*Frozen is paused whilst Dad has beer and orange break*

40. So Frozen came out last year? Why is only a hit now then?

41. There are toys and stuff of it.

42. I don't need to press play...Amy you know nothing about technology.

*Frozen resumes*

43. What's her name? Elsa?

44. That ice castle doesn't have any furniture. Where does she sit?

45. It must be slippy if it's all ice.

46. Are those rocks alive?!

47. They need a flamethrower to kill that snow monster, not little spears.


48. So that guy was a baddie the whole time?!

49. What's that film called in New York where it's all frozen over? "The Day After Tomorrow" - it's a bit like that.

50. He didn't kiss her, how has she melted?

51. There'd be loads of water vapour for days if a whole kingdom melted like that.


52. So why is Frozen only a hit now?

53. It's very good animation.

54. The snow looks real!

55. I thought once you'd grown up, I wouldn't have to watch cartoons.

Oh Dad,

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