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The 20 Stages Of Attending A Comic Convention

Your feet are killing you and you've been eating granola bars all weekend, but god damnit con life is the only way to live.

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1. The second tickets go on sale, you've snatched them up. / Via

If you wait any longer you risk not getting a ticket and what fresh hell is that?

2. Once you have your ticket, you start convincing all your friends to go with you. / Via

Because who wants to go to a convention alone?

3. You plan your cosplays out months in advance... / Via

A good cosplayer is a prepared cosplayer.

4. ...but end up glue gunning like a maniac the night before anyway.

Burnt fingers be damned, I will look incredible this weekend.

5. You and your friends decide to split a hotel room which means there's no room for anything.

You can't find your toothbrush but meeting Nathan Fillion is worth it. / Via

You can't find your toothbrush but meeting Nathan Fillion is worth it.

6. And your back hurts from sleeping on the floor because all the beds were taken. / Via

Someone should really teach yoga moves for cosplayers.

7. When you get to the convention, there's so many panels you can't decide what to do first. / Via

Do I go to "Anthropology of Mythological Monsters" or "Victorian Vices: Recreational Drugs in the Victorian Era"?

8. So instead you head to the dealer's room...

So many shinies! / Via

So many shinies!

9. ... where you're stopped every few minutes to take a picture... / Via

Which is fun but damn! Dealer room traffic is worse than LA sometimes.

10. ... and you quickly realize that you don't have enough money to get all the cool things you want. / Via

Do I buy food or that custom made Legend of Zelda corset? Hmm...

11. When you finally get around to attending your first panel, you realize you've finally found your people. / Via

Con family before blood family.

12. There's always those people that you only ever see at cons but feel inexplicably close to. / Via

My con buddy!

13. Meeting your favorite celebrity is always nerve-wracking...

What do you even say to them?

14. But getting your photo op is a lot of fun. / Via

Gotta get that photographic proof you met the cast of Supernatural.

15. Saturday is when you wear your best costume. / Via

Forget about Sunday best. Saturday is big project day.

16. After parties are always the best at conventions. / Via

Romulan ale will get your turnt.

17. Which you will pay for on Sunday. / Via

Honestly, even if you didn't drink, you'll feel like hell on Sunday.

18. By the end of the con you're exhausted. / Via

It's amazing how much shuffling through lines can make you so tired.

19. And you're kind of sad it's over. / Via

Can't I just live here?

20. But you had a great time and you can't wait for next year. / Via

Maybe next year you'll get a better head start on your cosplay... but probably not.

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