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Five Reasons Getting Dumped Is Actually A Good Thing

If you're reading this, chances are you just got dumped. We know it hurts but here's five reasons that might actually be a good thing.

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1. Your wants and needs just didn't match up and that's okay. / Via

She wanted something casual. You were looking for a serious relationship. Both of you thought you were on the same page until you weren't. Sometimes we just don't communicate well and it's a lesson for future interactions. It's not your fault that you misunderstood, but now you know where the two of you stand and that's a good thing. It's better to end a relationship where your wants and needs didn't match up than continue something that would always leave both of you unsatisfied. You two just weren't meant for each other and that's okay.

2. Wanting someone who doesn't want your back isn't love. / Via

You might have gotten really invested in someone and for a time they may have been invested in you, too, but ultimately, they don't want to be with you anymore. It sucks. Like hardcore. But you need to realize that love isn't a one way thing. If someone isn't loving you back, it just becomes doting and you deserve more than a one sided affection-fest.

3. You have so many things to yourself now. / Via

You can spread out in bed like a champion. You spend 50% less money when you're single. The one seat at the bar that's still empty? That seat is YOURS, honey. There's independence in being single but there's also just personal space. Stretch out. Indulge in your oneness.

4. You can use this heartbreak to fuel things in the rest of your life. / Via

Maybe it's not the healthiest of motivators, but getting dumped can really kick your ass into high gear. Never do anything to prove something to someone else, but if getting dumped makes you think "You know what? I AM going to write that BuzzFeed article. I AM going to be productive and move towards my goals. Hell yeah!" then by all means do it. You may still be heartbroken, but you'll have some cool stuff to show for it.

5. It's always good to spend some time alone. / Via

Your self worth doesn't belong in anyone's hands but your own. Being alone for a while can actually help you grow your self confidence. Take this as an opportunity to understand who you are without another person. You'd be surprise how much you learn about yourself when you're single. Do some self discovery!

If you're still sad about being single, watch this video by Andrea Dorfman on how to be alone. It's comforting, beautiful, and might be just what you need right now.

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Andrea Dorfman / Via

Hang in there. :)

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