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This Donald Trump Hydra Fan Theory Is Hilarious

*whispers* Hail Hydra

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If you are familiar with the Marvel Cinematic Universe then you will be fully aware that Hydra is a "terrorist-criminal-paramilitary organisation bent on world domination," according to the MCU Wikia. So how does Donald Trump tie in with the fictional world of superheroes, hopefully this fan theory will explain everything.

One fan who wished to remain unnamed explains that Trump and Hydra are interlinked. Their first point stated that both Donald Trump and Hydra rule through fear. Hydra was once a Nazi organisation, with terror being one of their main tactics, there is an obvious link between fear and Hydra. Donald Trump however doesn't go around blowing up cities, no, but he does use what people are afraid of to his own advantage. He said that when he becomes President there will be "total and complete shutdown of Muslims," entering the US. Due to recent terror attacks by Islamic Terrorist Groups many people fear Muslims entering their country, so by banning them, is Trump not just utilising fear?

Secondly freedom, freedom is a big issue for the both of them. Hydra was "founded on the belief that humanity could not be trusted with its own freedom," Armin Zola then went onto claim "Humanity needed to surrender its freedom willingly." Trump also seems to have issues with freedom especially when it comes to immigrants. He has plans to build a wall and make the Mexicans pay for it, because as he so intelligently told us all Mexicans are "bringing drugs, they're bringing crime, they're rapists." By building a wall he would limit the freedom the Mexican people have to go to America.

And last of all, both Hydra and Donald Trump have tendencies to greet each other with that sinister hug and whisper of "Hail Hydra."

I rest my case.

Not only that but in the light of recent comics where it is revealed that Captain America is in fact a Hydra agent there have been some spoofs of that where Trump is saying, Viva Mexico. Two things we never thought we'd hear.

You can see it here

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