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7 Apps Every D.C. Intern Needs

Get your head out of the Hill and into the city. These apps hold the key to fun and exploration in our nation's capitol.

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1. DC Rider (Master the Metro)


As we've all realized by now, DC isn't cheap. Trying to get from Foggy Bottom to Adams Morgan on a budget? DC Rider will tell you how to get from Point A to Point B seamlessly. Goodbye, pricey cabs! (Unless you're heading into Georgetown...)

2. ParkMobile (Park With Ease)


For those of you lucky enough to have your car in the city, ParkMobile is a MUST. Simply enter the zone number each time you park your car and the length of your stay and the app takes care of the rest. See you never, DC ticketing officers. We will not miss you.

3. Venmo (Fund Your Fun)


Forgot your card at home? Don't want to split the bill at dinner? Too hungover to go pick up takeout with your friend? No worries. With Venmo you can now easily hook your debit card up to the app to send and receive payments from your partners in crime. Not being in debt to your friends has never felt so good.


4. Tag (Meet Up & Get Down)


Tag - You're it! Tag is the best way to find, meet up, and share photos with friends all at once. At a cool restaurant on U Street but your friends are lost in Glover Park? Shoot them a Tag with your location, a picture of the scene, and a fun caption that will lead them right to you. Think SnapChat, but actually useful. Never get separated from your friends again!

5. Hinge (Date Smarter)


Sick of having to sift through all the sketchy randoms on DC Tinder? Fear no more with Hinge: the future of our swipe right, swipe left generation. Every day at noon Hinge gives you 12 potential matches in your area with whom you share mutual friends. You can even see where they went to school, their job, and their interests. Your lunch break just got a whole lot more interesting.

6. Grouper (The More The Merrier)


Blind dates are weird, so why not bring a wingman or two? Grouper sets you up with a three on three date at a local hotspot of their choosing - first round of drinks on them. Make new friends, check out a new bar, and maybe even see some sparks fly.

7. Uber (Ride In Style)


As we all know, the metro doesn't run everywhere. When you're looking to meet up with your friends who just sent you a Tag from the Nat's game or to arrive at your Grouper in style, order yourself an Uber. Quicker to fetch you than a cab, Uber is your own personal driver that syncs with your credit card, lets you split fares between friends and pick the car model of your choice. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride.

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