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My Utterly Well-Intended And Completely Unsolicited Advice To Kim Kardashian

I am a relationship expert...after all...I've been in enough of them.

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What Kim Kardashian should do is own that she does just fine without a man and just get on with it...

Shockingly, Kim is already having marital problems, InTouch Weekly claims.
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Shockingly, Kim is already having marital problems, InTouch Weekly claims.

Recently, on Keeping Up With The Kardashians...

So, I've been an avid supporter of the Kardashian tribe ever since I began writing for Particularly, I find the phenomenon that is the Kardashian empire to be fascinating. Everyone claims to hate Kim, her mom Kris, and the rest of the brood, yet Kardashian is pretty much a household name that rakes in millions every year. Everyone loves to hate Kim and the rest of her family, and the tabloids are no exception to that rule.

Now let me be the first to say that I scarcely believe anything discussed in a tabloid, but they make for fun reading when I'm waiting in the doctor's office. So, when my husband brought me the most recent issue of InTouch Weekly (pictured above), I couldn't help but at least read the article.

Now, Kim, this is where I'm going to have to get a little tough love on you. I'm just going to be real like you were in the last episode of KUWTK when you stated tough love was the best way to get through to people.

What I'd like to say to Kim Kardashian is, if the story in InTouch Weekly is indeed, true, well...

If you're being played like a hot commodity, or a trophy to be obtained and then thrown away like yesterday's garbage, you're better off without the guy, in my very humble opinion. That is not a man. A man takes care of his woman and child and provides love, respect, security, and joy to them.

Kim Kardashian, you are undeniably gorgeous, have an incredible work ethic, and are financially abundant. You do just fine on your own and yes, I am going to go here, you've got your baby. If Kanye can't see what a real catch you are, then he doesn't deserve you or that beautiful little girl of yours.

Yes you can come off like a princess sometimes (all the time) and that can tend to alienate some, but I say, girl you earned the right. Sure your rise to fame is a confounding as working a rubik's cube in the dark while blindfolded, but you made it happen and handled your business like a boss.

Now it's time to let Kanye know that it's time to step up or step off. You deserve to be treated with respect for how far you've come and how much you've grown throughout the years. So don't let Kanye's neglect dull your shine. You go on and do you, Kim, and know that your fans still love to hate you anyway.

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