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    10 Reasons Why Erin Fogel Chose New York City To Film “The Strike”

    Because Film Producers Have Hundreds Of Cities To Choose From

    1. Local New York City Actors / Via

    Showcasing my favorite NYC actors, often keeping it as authentic as possible! I had the opportunity to utilize talents that paralleled a lot of their real lives. Mauricio Bustamante (Kenneth), portrayed an acting instructor at the Lee Strasberg Conservatory, of which he is. Glen and Jeri Fogel (Mr. and Mrs. Fancyman) in Atlantic Grill Restaurant, are also the landlords of that space. Even for me, as Molly Mirovsky the yoga instructor, we filmed at House of Jai Yoga - the yoga studio I own on the Upper East Side!

    2. Stunning Manhattan Skylines / Via

    Filming in New York, means we are giving the audience a Manhattan vacation, landscaping as much of New York City as possible, while giving them a good giggle.

    3. Home Is Where The Heart Is / Via

    For me, being able to go directly home to de-stress after long days and nocturnal weeks is a filmmaker’s dream come true. Not that being on location isn’t fun, it is, but there is something so relaxing about your own bed and your husband to snuggle with.

    4. New York, New York / Via

    The challenge of weathering the slings and arrows of New York City production - if you can make it here you can make it anywhere!

    5. All Hands On Deck

    Having my family nearby our filming locations to help me produce the movie. When production first began, they kept asking “How can we help? How can we help?” I took them up on that offer and then some. They helped me with everything, from locations to craft service runs!

    6. Location, Location, Location!

    Being able to work with all of my real estate contacts. Every location used was from someone I knew and loved. From the acting trio’s apartment to the restaurants, all the places I had complete familiarity with. Finding the perfect location, makes a film producer’s job a little bit easier.

    7. The Strike Sphere / Via Facebook: thestrikemovie

    Being able to all go out and celebrate together as crew after the day had wrapped (no matter what the time), New York City offers so many great hot spots that never close, and where we were reminded that there was a whole world outside of our “Strike sphere”.

    8. Fabulous Food For All Cultures

    Having the best Mediterranean catering on set from Cafe Noi, my favorite local Upper East Side spot. Additionally, we had the ability to vary our catering with food from every culture and genre so easily.

    9. My Zen / Via

    Being able to use House of Jai Yoga, my other business, as a location which felt familiar and familial – keeping my character Molly totally Zen.

    10. New York … A City That Never Sleeps / Via

    Being able to find whatever we might have needed, at any time of the day or night – in a stunning city that never sleeps.

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