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Where The Hell Has Moriarty Been Hiding?

"Did You Miss Me” left us completely baffled as the third series of Sherlock came to a close. Didn’t Moriarty shoot himself on the roof two years ago? Apparently not.

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This is Moriarty.

He killed himself two years ago.

But then it turned out he might not have.

So where has he been?

Conspiracy 1: He did actually kiss Sherlock on the rooftop.

They faked both their deaths and spent two joyous years together before it went sour and they returned to normal life.

Conspiracy 2: He is still dead and it is a smoke screen by Mary.

Mary had Sherlock and Watson fooled all along and she really is a baddie. She is using Moriarty's image as a trap.

Conspiracy 3: Derren Brown really was at the scene.

He was in on it and tricked Sherlock into thinking that Moriarty had killed himself.

Conspiracy 4: Mycroft kidnapped Moriarty and forced him to work for him.

Mycroft resuscitated Moriarty and kept him prisoner until he agreed to work for him.

Conspiracy 5: He was working with Magnusson and neither is dead.

He faked his own death and has been working with Magnusson to create a new stronger evil force. Magnusson didn't die either.

Yeah, we're still confused too.

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