7 Things We’ve Learnt From “Celebrity Big Brother”

It’s been utter car crash television this year. Our favourite.

1. Something bad happened in Frank Carson’s dressing room.

We think it involved Linda Nolan’s husband stealing something. Jim seems to know. Maybe ask him.

2. Lee Ryan really is the ultimate lothario.

First he pulled Casey, then Jasmine, and then Casey again. Then he did this to Luisa.

3. He has also dabbled with men.

He told housemates, ‘Yeah I’ve been with a man. Everyone’s done experimentational s***.’

4. Liz Jones is actually quite normal.

Well, compared to the other contestants.

5. The rumours about Dappy were true.

You know exactly what we mean.

6. Ollie Locke really does wear Union Jack clothes in everyday life.

He’s got suits, hoodies, jeans, a Jaguar, all covered in the stuff.

7. But then this might not be reality after all.


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