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    • charliia

      YOU ALL who are upset #NinaDavuluri won the #MissAmericanPageant are ignorant fools. This whole “This is America” bit is real fcking old. If you want to sit here and get technical about who’s MORE American, Indians were here before their land was invaded and they were butchered by the Spaniards. But if ya’ll definition of being an “American” means you was born here in America then I believe her right is served. She is Indian-American. Now what?
      And finally to add America is a huge melting pot of cultures which is what’s “suppose” to make this country great, the diversity. Let’s all look at the skin color of the people who really have a problem with this …… Typical. Always bitchin’ SMFH SHE WON GET OVER IT!!!
      #AChangeHasCome #YouMadOrNah

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