This Is What The Earth Looks Like From 900 Million Miles Away

A few images to help to put the news of the day in perspective

1. So! The royal baby was born today. It was a big event and a lot of people were excited about it.


2. But let’s try and add some perspective to it. Here’s an aerial view of Buckingham Palace. See?! Not too crazy.

3. A little farther out and you can’t even tell.

4. A touch more and you’d hardly know the heir to the throne was born!

5. Now, zoom out 900 million miles.

6. On July 19th, NASA’s Cassini spacecraft took the first the color images of Earth and the moon from orbit in the Saturn system. See the arrow? Yep, that’s Earth!

7. Here’s another angle. Sometimes, it’s a little unsettling to feel so small and inconsequential. On other days, though, it’s a nice reminder.

8. Can you see him? The royal baby? How about tabloids? The tweets? Look closely…Me neither.

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