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    The 11 Kinds Of People You'll Meet At Every Golf Tournament

    The overserved Hawaiian shirt guy, the hilarious foreigner, and more.

    Should you be lucky enough to find yourself on the grounds at this year's U.S. Open, or any golf tournament, here what you're guaranteed to see, if our hundreds of hours of people-watching experience at major golf tournaments are any indication.

    The Excitable Dad

    The Little Rickies

    Ricky Fowler has yet to win a major or really come into his own as a top American golfer, but his flatbrim wearin', shaggy-haired antics have wormed their way into the hearts of children everywhere. Every tournament now is littered with 'Little Rickies' just dying for a glimpse of their burnt orange hero. Be nice to them.

    The Jingoists

    Here's one in action after Webb Simpson's 2012 US Open win:

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    See what I mean about the bird calls!

    The Fathers and Sons

    The Overserved Hawaiian Shirt Guy

    The Guy Who Gets Rocked In The Face By A Stray Shot...

    ...And Is TOTALLY PSYCHED About It!

    The Assholes That Yell Right After The Tee Shot

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    Sure, it's a little funny. Sometimes. But for the most part this guy is a king-sized doofus, whose favorite TV show is just watching himself saying Family Guy quotes in the mirror shirtless. Main offender: Hawaiian shirt guy (see above) three beers before getting tazed.

    The Underdressed Fan

    The PERFECTLY Dressed Fan

    The Weird Periscope Crowd

    The Diehards