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    Is There Really Going To Be A Shitload More Snow In New York City Tonight?

    It's been a rough week. So here's some more fucking snow.


    National Weather Service / Via Twitter: @ericholthaus

    According to Eric Holthaus' fantastic weather blog over at Slate :

    "Since this morning, there's been a lull in precipitation, but snow will start again for everyone between about 5 p.m. and 5 a.m.–with another round of heavy banding and rapid accumulation at times. Factoring in this afternoon's high-resolution weather models, NYC probably has about a 50 percent chance at another 4-8" of snow tonight. All told, parts of the city could end up with a foot and a half of total snow by Friday morning."

    Well, shit. Guess this is what happens when you treat your planet like a toilet. LOL!

    Weather Channel / Via