If Jony Ive Redesigned Everything

Flatten it. Flatten ALL OF IT.

1. Apple design guru Jony Ive’s much rumored iOS 7 was unveiled Monday, unleashing a barrage of criticism for its flat, anti-skeumorphic design. Thanks to Sasha Agapov’s brilliant Tumblr, now we can see the rest of the world through Ive’s beautiful mind.

2. OK, here’s the template:

3. Ive teaches us to challenge ourselves and push back against convention. Here he is “thinking different” about poop:

4. Facebook? F L A T T E N E D.

5. Instagram? Ugh, wicked skeumorphic. Flatten it IMMEDIATELY:

6. No logo is safe…even Apple:


8. George Washington? OUTTA HERE. FLATTENED.

9. Da Vinci probably thought the world was flat. Why shouldn’t Mona Lisa be the same?

10. And, of course, iOS 7.

11. Do yourself a favor and check out the rest here.

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