How To Make Your New iOS 7 Home Screen Less Ugly

Don’t give up yet! There may be a quick fix.

2. iOS 7 is here and, while a whole lot of people seem to really enjoy it, there’s a whole bunch who think it’s pretty ugly

3. But there may be a relatively easy fix!

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One tip if you’re not happy with iOS 7’s look: change your wallpaper. Walls that worked with iOS 1-6 don’t w/the new icons. Try a refresh.

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4. Part of iOS 7’s flattened set up, means that layers are more important than ever. And many of Apple’s stock wallpapers feel pretty outdated.

5. I mean, just LOOK at this…

7. Many of Apple’s wallpapers don’t sit right with the semi-translucent layers that make up prominent elements of iOS 7, like folders and the control center.

8. Choose the wrong background and your lock screen could look like THIS

9. Apple’s dynamic backgrounds aren’t too bad though

10. There’s also plenty of websites like Blrrr, where you can download iOS 7-specific backgrounds

11. Everyone’s different, but to take full advantage of iOS 7’s newest frosted layering, it often works to choose a background with multiple blended colors

12. Like this

13. Simple, colorful images work well too. I’ve been using this one for a few months.

14. Whatever you do, be sure to play around a bit. iOS 7 may still not be for you, but it may be worth a second look.

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