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This Smartphone Tracker Creates Stunningly Accurate City Maps

Human knows every move you make. And it results in some beautiful maps.

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Fitness tracker apps have exploded in popularity since the rise of motion sensors like Apple's M7 chip. Basically, a new phone bought today can tell if you are walking or running, and if you drove to your destination in a car or hopped on a bike. It can tell you how many steps you've taken and in which direction you went, with far more accuracy than any pedometer you can buy. They're getting more accurate by the day and, thanks to apps like Human, we can now use the anonymized data to illustrate the intricate and unique transportation patterns of each living city.

According to the company:

All visualizations and charts are solely based on aggregated data from people using the Human app. Imagery shown does not involve the use of maps, as white pixels were drawn by moving Humans.


Check out more of the data at Human's site, here.

Charlie Warzel is a Senior Technology Writer for BuzzFeed News and is based in Missoula, Montana

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