8 Reasons Why “Peacekeepers” Is Your New Favorite Show

Sci-Fi. Comedy. Video games. Strong female leads. LGBT friendly content. Lions. Horrible cocktails. We have some gifs.

1. Scruffy from The Outs/Toby from Whatever This Is is back as a cranky bartender with an Irish brogue.

World, you’re welcome.

2. They get your love for/your frustration with New York/the people of New York.

One of these days, slow tourists. ONE OF THESE DAYS.

3. The first episode passes The Bechdel Test. WIN.

A movie or a show passes this test when there are two female characters with names who talk to each other about something other than a man and it is SHOCKING how little media this applies to.

4. Your favorite character from Whatever This Is is the sassy friend with secrets.

To be fair it seems like everybody has secrets. But, y’know. Hers are probably sassier.

5. This guy’s heroic jawline.

I mean like who the hell is he anyway. Seriously. Where did he come from and what factory made him and can I get a pre-order.

6. When stuff gets tough, the main character sees life like a video game.

No but seriously Peacekeepers gets intense like Frogger.

7. Alana gets sent on errands that are crappier than yours have ever been.

And through schadenfreude, catharsis.

8. Peacekeepers knows your day drinking is a legitimate and necessary survival tool.

Even a Mod needs happy hour.

Watch the first episode here:

Video available at: http://vimeo.com/85693124.

Check out the Kickstarter for more info!


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