Meanwhile, In 2011...

2011 was a year full of important events, but we also can't forget what was happening in the midst of it all.

Josh Fjelstad • 6 years ago

100 Incredible Views Out Of Airplane Windows

Inspired by Andrew Sullivan’s airplane window picture series, here's a very large collection of awesome pictures taken out of airplane windows. I need to go on a vacation.

Matt Stopera • 7 years ago

The Pepper Spraying Cop Meme

Officer John Pike, best known as the cop that mercilessly sprayed peaceful protesting college kids with pepper spray, got his own meme! Use the photo editor tool in the comments to easily photoshop him taking away people's civil rights into every day situations!

Matt Stopera • 6 years ago

What Your Pets Think About You

Thanks to a pet adoption campaign by The Shelter Pet Project, now we know what our pets likely think about our crazy behavior. Oh man, not since Look Who's Talking Too have I laughed so hard at dubbing thoughts on things that can't talk. "Poop already!"

sly • 6 years ago

Worst Beverages in America

The roundup of the worst beverages in America is pretty amazingly disgusting. This list from user Shareitfitness unfortunately puts into perspective how bad for you some of your favorite drinks are. Prepare to be disgusted.

MelisBuzzFeed • 8 years ago