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9 Crazy "Hollyoaks" Storylines

Hollyoaks is the King of hangover TV. And here are its most bonkers ever storylines.

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1. The time Carmel found Jesus's face in a potato.

Beautician, gym instructor, club manager and occasional nun Carmel McQueen cuts into a potato and discovers the figure of Jesus inside. Believe it or not, this storyline was actually stretched across quite a few episodes.

3. When Evil Rob Hawthorne tried to kill everyone in a disused watertank.

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Hollyoaks' first and arguably best panto villain was the dastardly Rob Hawthorne. He survived being thrown off a car park roof and being left in the Atlantic by Kurt Benson and seeked revenge by attempting to drown everyone in a massive wave machine thing. Incredible.


4. The time they introduced an alien to Chester.

Most people thought it was April Fool's Day when this storyline was announced. A new student arrives in the village who is convinced that he's an alien. We'd have loved to have been at that writers' brainstorming meeting.

5. When they tried to make a dramatic storyline out of a lawnmower race.

When local teens Gaz and Newt needed to sort out a dispute back in 2010, they did it the old fashioned way - with a lawnmower race. Romance, tension, changing of tyres - this episode had it all.

6. The time Jambo came back in the Hollyoaks version Of A Christmas Carol.

Before his role as a creepy psychic in Broadchurch, Will Mellor's most memorable role was as lovable earring-sporting lad Jambo Bolton. After originally leaving in 1998, he made one final appearance in 2004. His comeback was part of Hollyoaks's take on A Christmas Carol, which involved Jambo acting as a vision for Tony Hutchinson.

7. The time Warren somehow managed to survive this....

Local tough nut Warren Fox proved his credentials as Chester's hardest hardman by surviving this fire in 2009. Evil Clare hit him with a baseball bat and set The Loft on fire, Warren was tied to a chair and then tried leaping to freedom. He broke his ankle and was trapped under beams... and then the ceiling mirrors smashed on top of him. Everyone thought he was dead, but one year later, Warren returned. What a tough bastard.

8. The time Darren became Steph's manager.

Any storyline involving Darren Osborne is immediately 356% better than any other soap storyline. However, his finest hour was when he tried to launch himself as Chester's answer to Simon Cowell, slicked back his hair and put on the worst suit we have ever seen.

9. And when Darren helped fake his own Dad's death.

Watching Darren Osborne trying to help his money-strapped dad Jack fake his own death was like watching a badly acted episode of Only Fools and Horses. Like all great Hollyoaks moments it was unintentionally hilarious from beginning to end.

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