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The Definitive List Of Things Australians Hate

Because we're not always happy little Vegemites.

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1. First things first: Any kind of Australian related list that contains the word 'definitive'.

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This is how furious we get when people try to group us into one stereotype. Australians are all individuals okay! Some of us are bogans and some of us are really bogans. You can't just put us in a box.

3. When we go overseas and someone asks us why Australians are so racist.


Because everybody knows somebody, who met somebody, who had a cousin that had a roommate, who went to Australia and saw somebody being racist to someone else... or something. There is racism everywhere, but the more you try to explain that to them - the more defensive you sound.


5. When YouTube videos don't work.

If you could bottle the amount of anger generated in Australia each day by this issue alone, we would probably have enough rage-induced chemicals to activate Bruce Banner into the Hulk.

6. The 'budget love' commercial.

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None of us thought it could get any worse than the old bloke and the French woman... and yet now that the aliens have arrived, we find ourselves confused and somewhat concerned about what happened to Michael and Michelle.

The boozh-ay/budget debate strikes fiery arguments in many Australian households.

7. Hot cars.

Most of us know that in the heat of summer, one must keep some windows down or wait a moment with the doors open before actually getting in a car. But sometimes you're in such a rush and before you know it, you've been branded. Cue cursing.


10. Film & television spoilers from those across the seas.

Even if we download something as soon as we possibly can - we're still at least a few hours behind everyone else. Loose lips sink ships and ruin entire series.

11. The surprise bad coffee.

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People seem to just be catching on to the fact that Australia has some of the best roasters and baristas in the world. Because we're so spoiled for choice, we can get pretty angry about a bad cup of coffee. Whether it was an apprentice's first day or just an off batch of beans, we've all experienced that random gross cup of coffee.


13. Today Tonight and A Current Affair.

Facebook: CancelTodayTonightANDACurrentAffair

These two programs are so infuriating, that someone has created a Facebook page for the sole purpose of supporting their cancellations. Honestly though, in small doses they both make for great comedy.

15. The lack of petrol stations and rest stops between cities.

This especially makes us mad when we go to the States and notice that every 20km they have petrol stations, restaurants and sometimes even theme parks. We don't want to bulldoze our wildlife or anything... we're just asking for a few more options here and there.

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