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Prince Charming Is Real!

Introducing Prince Thomas Des Brisay... if you haven't already heard of him, do yourself a favour and click here, here and here.

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Tommy Des Brisay is a 22-year-old runner, elite athlete and all-round gentlemen from Canada.

Tommy was diagnosed with Autism before he turned 3 and was non-verbal until the age of 7.

Tommy has inspired people all around the world with his YouTube channel, 'lookyus'- which shares his sporting career, daily activities and zeal for life.

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But it's Tommy's love for all things Disney that seems to melt hearts.

Tommy was a good reader as a child, so watching Disney movies with subtitles helped improve his speaking skills.

Tommy is very popular at Disney World.

He enjoys sporadically dancing with some of the Princesses when his favourite song starts to play...

He's a pro at imitating the 7 Dwarfs...

...and he's not afraid to tell the wicked Queen that enough is enough with the poison apples.

The Disney characters know him by his official title- 'Prince Thomas Des Brisay'.

But you can just call him Tommy.

To learn more about Tommy and his organisation, 'Autism Means Friendship'... check out his website:

Click me!

Meanwhile, watch this video...

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and if you're not tearing up by 9mins/30secs in... you need to go see the Wizard and get a heart.

This just in: Tommy and his mum have read this post and have made a video response! This also just in: I'm crying my eyes out.

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Oh and I've fixed up my wee mistakes! Tommy is 22 and visits Disney World. Thanks Tommy and MaryAnn for your kind words. Keep on being amazing.

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