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21 Times Hamish & Andy Made Our Faces Hurt From Laughing

If laughter is the best medicine, we owe these guys big-time in medical bills.

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4. That time they started a gang with Bob Saget.

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Apparently they all still get together and have a fun Scrabble night.

6. That time they taught us how to save money by Freeeating.

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Andy: You just bit over where they bit!

Hamish: Aren't we doing that?

8. That time they called a computer support line and pretended to be one person.

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Even their own mothers have confused the boys voices.

10. That time they were on The Graham Norton Show.

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Where they introduced the United Kingdom to the wonderful sport of Ghosting.

14. That time they did a double Blast From The Past.

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This one went a little too perfectly compared to others.

21. That time Andy walked out of the studio because of Fred Basset.

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p-p-p-p-platinum Basset!

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