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10 Of The Most Negative Online Comments About Australia


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The Internet is a scary place when it comes to hate towards the citizens of our dear country. Here are just a handful of the hurtful/hilarious comments about Australians, that were found online.

Warning: turn away now if you're an Aussie that's sensitive, patriotic or prone to violence.

1. This question speaks for itself.

2. Our cheerful disposition has got to stop.

3. YouTube user: AmericaRulesYouDrool either got dumped by an Aussie or was denied a Working Visa.

4. Words hurt and this blogger is trying to hurt us with words.

5. Are we all really so dazed and confused?

6. Apparently it's in our nature to be criminals. We simply cannot help it.

7. Even our lack of culture has been traced back to our barbaric roots.

8. Ouch.

9. Have all the good ones left?

10. This blogger exhibits all the signs of writing when hungry. Calm down buddy, go get a Snickers.

Unfortunately these comments were probably a result of real-life scenarios that happened with troublesome Aussies. A few sour grapes spoiling the whole bunch. Let's hope that for every outspoken negative, there were 10 positives that went unheard.

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