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10 Dreamy Australian Honeymoon Destinations

Not every Aussie can afford a romantic getaway to Europe, Tahiti or North Korea. Consider these homegrown options for a marvellous honeymoon in Oz.

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You're planning your wedding and have just discovered that the budget for the honeymoon isn't as large as you had originally calculated. So why not ponder for a moment about staying in Oz for your honeymoon?

Surprisingly enough, people from all around the world fantasise about coming to Australia for their honeymoon.... just pretend you're one of them.

Oh you may miss out on the excitement of hearing other dialects or the bliss of trying authentic cuisines, but there are so many benefits of staying in Australia for your honeymoon. I can think of at least 3 right now.

1. You don't have to worry about visas or passports.

2. Exchanging money is a non-issue.

3. You're more likely to celebrate your anniversary each year at your honeymoon location, whereas going somewhere like France every year could get pricey.

Have I convinced you yet? Yes?! You're welcome. No? Keep reading...

1. Daydream Island Resort & Spa- Daydream Island, Qld

Daydream is part of the Whitsunday Islands, nestled in the heart of the Great Barrier Reef. This tranquil island is perfect for those who love peace, quiet and the ocean. Daydream is a great nearby getaway for Queenslanders. The name practically speaks for itself. Check out the website for the Daydream Island Resort & Spa to see all that they have to offer.

2. Amala Luxury Villa- Byron Bay, NSW

The Amala Luxury Villa located in Byron Bay has the best of both worlds. Enjoy your own private fully self-contained Indonesian inspired villa, while still taking advantage of having the Byron Bay hipsters at your doorstep. This place is great for those of you who were hoping for a honeymoon in Southeast Asia but didn't get your passport in time. Take a peek at the feedback section on the Amala Luxury Villa's website here and if those positive reviews don't convince you... nothing will.

3. Sydney Harbour Marriott Hotel- Circular Quay, NSW

Let's get touristy for a moment. If you're thinking about a 'Sydney honeymoon' you may as well go all out. I'm talking fancy hotels, 24/7 room service and big, beautiful views of the Sydney harbour. There are many 5-star hotels to choose from but I'll suggest a classic, the Marriott. With its trusted name, quality service and perfect position in the heart of the city, you will be glad you picked it. If the whole experience seems too cliché just fake an accent and pretend you're a tourist. With these big hotel chains I always suggest reading reviews from third party sites first. Check out what the people on Trip Advisor have to say here and decide for yourself.

4. Lake Crackenback Resort & Spa- Jindabyne, NSW

If you're getting married in winter and you're one of the many Aussies who have never seen snow, this could be the place for you! Unless your dreadfully scared of ice or something? Anyway, this resort is located amongst the beautiful Snowy Mountains and is approximately 2.5 hours from Canberra. Just 15 minutes away from the resort is the Thredbo and Perisher Ski Resorts. Lake Crackenback Resort & Spa offers a variety of chalets and lodges for you to stay in. Take a look at the information video on their website here and see if a cosy, snowy honeymoon is the one for you.

5. Weeroona Bed & Breakfast Retreat- Rye, Vic

Okay don't freak out. This isn't the kind of Groundhog Day B&B where you have an elderly lady checking in on you every hour, horrid wallpaper and no hot water. This seaside adult retreat is a must for those who love to be pampered. It's about a 1 hour drive from Melbourne and makes a perfect honeymoon destination for the city-slickers who just need to unwind. Peruse their website here and see which one of their 5 self-contained cottages take your fancy.

6. Eagles Nest Retreat- Cradle Mountain, Tas

Eagles Nest Retreat offers a choice of 3 extravagant houses, all with breathtaking views. I recommend Eagles Nest 1 for honeymooners. The only downside of Eagles Nest Retreat is that it spoils you for anywhere else. Scroll through the gallery on their website here to try and understand how amazing this place is. If you have any questions call up the lovely Des who runs the retreat with his wife Dianne. He's always more than happy to work out a package that suits you. This retreat is ideal for those who can't afford Switzerland. I know it's a big call but I'm making it!

7. The Lookout Apartment- Kangaroo Island, SA

The Lookout is an exquisite B&B located by Kangaroo Island. The great feature about The Lookout is that you have sole use of the apartment and the onsite gardens are yours to enjoy. The ferry terminal is just minutes away, allowing you easy access to Kangaroo Island. This is the honeymoon for those who value natural, organic beauty. Whether it's the views, the food, or the kangaroos... everything here is bound to take your breath away. Read some of the reviews for The Lookout here.

8. Greenleaves- Denmark, WA

Greenleaves in Denmark, Western Australia boasts a charming timber A-Frame amid the forest. The retreat exhibits a Scandinavian vibe and is great for those seeking somewhere 'country-cosy'. If you really want to spend some quality time with the person you just swore to stand by forever, then this is the place for you. No fancy distractions or bells and whistles. This place keeps it simple and lets the surroundings do the talking. If you're one of those 'nature loving, bush-walking couples' you'll probably love it.

9. Longitude 131- Yulara, NT

Longitude 131 is a place where the surroundings are 1000x more breathtaking than the accommodation... and the accommodation is lovely! Fancy being in the centre of endless desert with a front row seat to the legendary Uluru? Book your honeymoon with Longitude 131 and you will stay in a unique modern ‘campsite’. Don't fret about privacy or shared toilets, they call it a 'campsite' however it's more of an outdoor retreat. The clever minds at Longitude 131 have worked out a way to offer a stunning and pure experience so close to the dual World Heritage-listed wilderness.This is about as romantic as the Outback gets. Have a read through their website here to see just how glamorous 'camping' can be.

10. New Zealand

If you can't stomach the idea of staying in Australia for your honeymoon but simply don't have the cash to go far... there's always New Zealand. They don't have much except for magnificent landscapes, lush forests, amazing food and then that whole Lord of the Rings thing. But I'm sure after a few Google searches you could find a nice motel or something.

Know of any amazing honeymoon spots in Australia? Share your secrets in the comments below. Or not... whatever.

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