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    • charlie3

      Its happened to me too. At least twice - maybe three times. The first time I was 19. I was out with several friends - I had 1 drink before we went out. We got to the bar and I started talking to a guy from Vanderbilt and he asked to buy me a shot. I was young, so I accepted. One of the guys I was with walked up to me right after Vandy turned around to buy the shot and told me we were leaving. So I turned around (back to vandy) and said I was sorry, but we were leaving. He told me to take the shot anyway and give him my number. So I did. Then I left the bar with my friends. We made it to the curb. Next thing I know I woke up at home. On the ground with my car door still open. I was laying in throw up. My keys were in the middle of the road and my purse was dumped out on the walkway to my front door. I called my friends and they said we had just left the bar when I told them I had another ride to the party and ran away. I felt so guilty and confused and I had the WORST hangover I have ever had in my entire life. I also had five messages from the guy who I think drugged me asking where I was and if he could come over or if I would come there. He asked me to hang out the next day and I just ignored him. The second time was new years in Memphis when I was 23. The (possible) third time was new years this last year. The only thing in common for me is the terrible hangover and the missing hours. I guess I need to watch my drinks better, but really, we shouldn’t have to hold our hands over our drinks or watch them like hawks…it just shouldn’t happen.

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