10 Reasons Aubrey Plaza Is A Badass

Aubrey Plaza’s been killing it these days, and we’ll take her pretty much however we can get her. Here are a few reasons why she’s particularly brilliant, and for even more proof of her excellence, make sure to check out her latest movie, A Glimpse Inside The Mind Of Charles Swan III, in theaters now and also available on iTunes and cable VOD.

1. She Made A Full Recovery After Being Partially Paralyzed

WireImage / Steve Granitz

She revealed to NPR that she suffered a stroke when a clot formed in her brain’s left temporal lobe while studying at NYU in 2004, and that the experience helps her keep her Hollywood life in perspective.

2. She Was An NBC Page

NBC Universal / Getty Images

The Page Program is famous for being incredibly selective (out of about 7,000 applicants, only 60 to 80 people are selected each year), so she’s clearly talented. So much so, in fact, that she was fired after 4 weeks for “lying too much.”

3. She Doesn't Take Any Crap On "Parks And Recreation"

4. She'll Readily Admit That One Time, She Laughed So Hard That She Puked

WireImage / Kevin Mazur

It’s true! Being friends with Wiig must be both a blessing and a curse.

5. She Does A Pretty Great Sarah Silverman Impression

Nailed it.

6. Prison Inmates Draw Nude Portraits Of Her

Nancy Louie / Getty Images

She even had one framed and hung it in her house because it’s so heavenly.

7. She Can Handle A Bloody Nose

Video available at: http://vimeo.com/34884525.

“Oh, my nose is bleeding? K.”

8. She's As Snarky On Twitter As She Is On TV

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9. She Declined To Go Out With Ryan Gosling

Thelonius / Splash News


10. She Stole From Joe Biden

She saw on his Vice President desk that he had a bunch of facts written about her on a piece of Vice President paper…so obviously, she was going to take it. But then she lost it and this became a sad story.

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